Digital Sansad: AI Transcribes Parliament Proceddings


In Indian politics, there’s a big change happening thanks to the Digital Sansad app. It came out when the new Parliament building opened up. This app is changing how parliamentary stuff gets shared, making communication smooth, and getting everyone involved to work together better. It’s made to fit the different needs of MPs, government workers, citizens, and secretariat staff. The Digital Sansad app is super advanced and makes things easier for everyone while helping Parliament run smoothly.

You can easily download the app by clicking on this link.

Providing personalized access to empower all involved

The new Digital Sansad portal has something for everyone – MPs, ministers, secretariat staff, and citizens. They each get special features that suit their needs. This portal has lots of cool tools that make it easy to find parliamentary stuff, making things clear for everyone and getting citizens more involved.

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Transcription

A standout feature of the Digital Sansad app is its real-time transcription capability, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Leveraging sophisticated AI-driven speech recognition algorithms, the app accurately captures and transcribes parliamentary discourse, ensuring the availability of precise and reliable records without human intervention. This transformative transcription technology streamlines documentation processes and facilitates seamless information retrieval, catering to the needs of MPs, researchers, and the wider public.

Facilitating Informed Participation and Dialogue

The Digital Sansad app offers an extensive array of resources and functionalities aimed at enhancing parliamentary operations. Users can access House business, track member participation, engage in debates and Q&As, and explore multimedia galleries and digital libraries. This connectivity empowers MPs and citizens to remain informed and engaged, promoting democratic participation and transparency.

Bridging the Gap Between Citizens and Elected Representatives

The Constituency Connect feature of the Digital Sansad app serves as a vital conduit for fostering direct interaction between citizens and their elected representatives. By facilitating open dialogue and bridging the gap between legislative responsibilities and public needs, this feature promotes accountable and responsive governance. Moreover, by simplifying administrative tasks for MPs and promoting transparency, the Digital Sansad app plays a pivotal role in strengthening India’s democratic institutions.


Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the Digital Sansad 2.0 app embodies the ethos of digital empowerment, heralding a new era of inclusive and participatory democracy in India. Through its innovative features and commitment to transparency and accountability, the Digital Sansad app stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in advancing democratic governance.

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